Mafia, 30 years ago the arrest of Riina: the special on UltimoTv by Captain Ultimo and Crespi

“Becoming invisible to find an invisible enemy and take it, that’s what we did forcefully.” These are the words of Sergio De Caprio, alias Capitano Ultimo, in the special broadcast on ‘UltimoTv’, the webtv of Colonel De Caprio and director Ambrogio Crespi, on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the arrest of Cosa Nostra boss Totò Riina. The special (here the video link: traces the history of ‘Operation Beast’ conducted by Crimor, a team of the 1st Section of the 1st Department of the Ros-special operational group of the Carabinieri of General Mario Mori commanded by Sergio De Caprio. “We used the method introduced by General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa – explains Ultimo -, it is a question of applying clandestinity and compartmentalization, combined with the information profile of our investigations and tailings. Waiting is a fundamental aspect of our activity, patience pushes a fighter to remain steadfast on an indication and an element”. “So you win, like a hunt, fearlessly and with concentration, to bring home all your fighters healthy and unharmed and capture the prey. So on 15 January 1993 we arrested Totò Riina in the center of Palermo”.