Mafia Crocetta: “Lombardo got justice, happy for him and his family”

“Lombardo received justice. If this is the decision of the judiciary, this is right and it seems very clear to me”. This was stated to AdnKronos by the former Governor of Sicily, Rosario Crocetta regarding the closure of the trial affair for the former President of the Sicily Region and former leader of the MPA, Raffaele Lombardo. “I think that in Lombardo – Crocetta adds – this investigation was carried out at a time when he was harshly attacking the mafia. Just think of the positions he had taken on waste and waste-to-energy plants”.

“On the one hand – Crocetta points out – they contested that he had received favors from the mafia and on the other he had not done any to organized crime. How can this be explained? – Crocetta asks himself – The mafia that does favors free?”. “I’m happy for Lombardo – says Crocetta – I have to tell the truth. Finally he and his family can rest in peace”. Finally, according to Crocetta, “Lombardo”, after all, “never left politics. I too am not running as a candidate when I am ‘under’ investigation, it seems normal to me. Lombardo too – concludes Crocetta – was corrected by this point of view”.

(by Francesco Bianco)