Mafia, Gratteri: “It changes with society, today it advertises with its own power on social media”

The words of the prosecutor of Catanzaro Nicola Gratteri on the sidelines of the presentation of the report “The mafias in the digital age” produced by the Magna Grecia Foundation

“The work presented today represents current events. The mafias change with social change, they live among us and resemble us, they need publicity to exist”. This was stated by the prosecutor of Catanzaro Nicola Gratteri on the sidelines of the presentation, which took place in the Chamber of Deputies, of the report “The mafias in the digital age” created by the Magna Grecia Foundation. “Years ago they showed up in processions or sponsored football teams, today – he explained – the new mafia generations show themselves lavishly dressed on social media to show that that is power”.

Up until six or seven years ago, Italy had the best detectives in the world: the elite of the Italian judicial police was second to none – continues Gratteri-. At the tables with the police and magistrates of many countries of the world, Italy gave the cards, the Italian judicial police was dominant. In recent years we have been losing the know-how we had and, above all, those who governed have not invested in technology, have not done research, believing that it was not important in terms of investigation”. “We have to fill this gap quickly, we have to finish it to enlist only policemen and carabinieri in the secret services, we must hire computer engineers or hackers, or we will not be able to compete with the other best police forces in the world”.

“While politics discusses the usefulness or otherwise of interceptions, and their costs, the mafias are able to pay hackers and build new communication systems above our heads, which we who are unable to listen“.

“They use telephones that pay an average of 3,500 euros and which last 6 months and speak clearly, they function as a series of intercoms with each other, with which they communicate even from one side of the ocean to the other, and we are unable to pierce anyone of these systems,” he concluded