Mafia, in Milan the procession of Libera in memory of the victims

Thousands of people have gathered to give their testimony against the mafia and crime

In Milan the national procession for the XXVIII Day of Remembrance and Commitment in remembrance of the innocent victims of the mafia, organized by Libera and Alert Pubblico. Thousands of people gathered in Corso Venezia to give their testimony against the mafias and crime.

“Remembering all the innocent victims of criminal mafia violence is fundamental and this is a day that we strongly wanted; but we must also not forget that 80% of these family members do not know the truth or know only a part of it,” he says Father Luigi Ciotti, president of Libera, during the procession. “And yet – observes Don Ciotti – the truths stroll through the streets of our city; some have seen, some know. So it is necessary to become aware in our country that the criminal mafia presence that has killed so many people is a problem that cannot be forgotten. We need a living memory. It’s not an event, it’s not a ceremony, it’s not just a procession. We make sure that every year there is a day that reminds us of this, but every day there must be a commitment from everyone”.

“The battle against the mafia is not over” says the mayor of Milan, Joseph Salaon the sidelines of the procession. “Milan – he says – is still at the center of many economic interests, and this is good, but this also attracts many bad intentions”. So “the antibodies that we have made over the years through mistakes and uncertainties of our path will now help us”.

“One must always be on the side of justice and freedom. Memory is never lost and justice must always be achieved” underlines the secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landiniarriving at the procession.