Mafia, Mantovano brakes Nordio: “Changes to external competition are not in question”

The undersecretary: “The Government will not take any step back in the fight against organized crime”

“To the relatives of the victims of the mafia – to Salvatore Borsellino and Maria Falcone – I say that changing the crime of external competition into a mafia association is not an issue under discussion, the government will not take any steps back in the fight against organized crime. There are other priorities.” Thus the Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council Alfredo Mantovano, speaking with the Fatto Quotidiano, intervenes on the hypothesis, put forward by the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio, of ‘remodulating’ the crime of external competition in mafia association.

For Mantovano “the jurisprudence on external competition is consolidated” and “there is no need to open another front”, despite, he admits, “there are different interpretations of jurists on the subject”. The undersecretary to the Prime Minister recalls a sentence of the Cassation – the 34895 of 2022 – which “reviewed the very concept of organized crime” and “created alarm in the courts” because “the special aggravating circumstances, prison benefits and so on Street”. On this, therefore, the judges “will have to clarify”.

On the external competition, for Mantovano “there is no need to intervene politically” because there are “other priorities”. “I assure you – he remarks – that we will not take any step backwards in the fight against organized crime”.