Mafia, Meloni: “Hard prison is a fundamental tool, the state does not back down”

“The battle against every mafia continues and we will do everything possible to win it”

“The greatest teaching that Salvia left us” was to “do not do what is convenient or what is most useful, but only what is right”. Thus Giorgia Meloni in a passage of her message from Father Maurizio Patriciello, parish priest of the parish of San Paolo Apostolo di Caivano (Naples), on the occasion of the Holy Mass in memory of Giuseppe Salvia, deputy director of the Poggioreale prison in Naples, killed on 14 April 1981. “And for us it was right to guarantee that the anti-mafia legislation, starting from the hard prison, imagined and built by Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, could continue to operate and be a fundamental tool in the hands of the State to fight crime organised”. “A clear and strong signal to say that the state is there and does not intend to back down. The battle against every mafia continues and we will do everything possible to win it”, adds the premier.

“Dear Don Maurizio, thank you for your letter and for your words of affection and encouragement. Italy could not do without people like you who, every day, put themselves at the service of their community and do not resign themselves to the idea that nothing can be changed. Men and women who can’t turn away, who don’t think twice about getting involved and who know that good deeds are not useless but bear fruit”. “Hope and good are contagious: they spread and radically change what they reach. Like the light of a candle in the darkness, which not even all the darkness in the world can extinguish. Giuseppe Salvia, whom you will remember today in the Eucharistic celebration, was and it is a light. One of those many lights, those many ‘candles’ that light up the dark”, reads the text.

“Giuseppe – recalls Meloni – served the State with honor and did not bow his head in the face of the arrogance of the criminal who, at that moment, believed he was an untouchable above the law and the institutions. Giuseppe demonstrated that he that was the case. He did not compromise, he did his duty, to the end, and paid for his choice with his life. But his sacrifice was not in vain, because his light has illuminated and continues to illuminate the commitment of many, especially in your community”. “A community, of course, which has its difficulties and problems to face, but which is not condemned. Even the most complex reality can rise from the darkness and shine with a new light. It can be done, also following the example of Giuseppe, who has never stopped doing his duty. Every day “, we still read.