Mafia: on Ultimo TV by Cap. Ultimo and Crespi special on Dalla Chiesa, ‘symbol for the country’

Ultimo Tv, the web tv of Colonel Sergio De Caprio alias Capitano Ultimo and of the director Ambrogio Crespi presents the special “General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, 100 days”, a document that collects some fragments of the general’s history and life.

“Forty years ago the mafia killed General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, a man who was a symbol of our country. A man aware of the ‘second blood war’ that was underway in Sicily, who became prefect in Palermo. A cowardly killing, by signature of Cosa Nostra and that day. On September 3, 1982, hope was lost “, says director Ambrogio Crespi, who adds:” We all have a duty to remember him, always. return to the path of legality. Years ago a great general of the Ros told me ‘if you are alive you are a problem, but when you are dead you are always a hero’ and reading the story of General Dalla Chiesa I think this sentence is very apt. Honor to the general From the Church, to his wife Emanuela Setti Carrara and the only man in the escort assigned Domenico Russo ”.