Mafia, two shell casings for Antoci in Bologna: night in the barracks

The former president of the Nebrodi park has been under guard for years, the used shells discovered at the hotel entrance

Moments of tension yesterday in Bologna at the arrival of Giuseppe Antoci, the former president of the Nebrodi park forced for years to live under guard after complaints about the Nebrodi mafia. Antoci had arrived from Sicily to participate, in Marzabotto, in the Festival of Civil and Environmental Memories, a locality involved in the Nebrodi operation through which it was discovered that a piece of that land was included in the company files of the mafia gangs that made millions of Euros European funds for agriculture. From that operation by the Dda of Messina, the Carabinieri del Ros and the Guardia di Finanza, which led to the arrests of 101 people and the seizure of 150 farms for the mafia, gave rise to the Maxiprocesso Nebrodi which, last October 31st, imposed sentences for more than six centuries of imprisonment to the Batanese clans.

Upon his arrival, before the conference, Antoci had gone to the hotel but the policemen of the President’s safety device immediately found, near the entrance door, two used shells positioned right next to the window adjacent to the entrance to the hotel. Immediate security measures and also the immediate transfer of Antoci inside a police station where he spent the night. Precisely in December, thanks to an operation by the carabinieri, it was discovered that the inmates of 41 bis had given the order to hit President Antoci once again, already victim of a mafia attack in 2016 and remained unharmed thanks to the intervention of the escort which, after a violent firefight, put the bombers to flight. Yesterday another bad signal, another confirmation of the maximum alert that exists around the Honorary President of the Caponnetto Foundation, “sworn enemy of the mafia gangs” and today among the most escorted men in Italy.