Magalli: “Post on Rai? No attacks, only apologies to viewers”

The host of ‘A word too much’ at Adnkronos: “The continuous cancellations to make room for other programs have damaged us a little”

“There is no attack on Rai, I just made a post on Facebook to apologize to the many viewers who write to me asking me the reasons for the frequent cancellations of the program. Someone had to do it.” Like this Giancarlo Magalli, Rai2 host of ‘One word too much’, explains to Adnkronos the reasons for his post in which he talks about Rai’s “schizophrenic programming”. “It is the usual story that is magnified, enlarged, by various sites that want to make sensationalism – says Magalli – I have nothing against Rai, on the contrary. Instead of ‘schizophrenic’ I could have said ‘imaginative’ – he observes – but it would not have changed nothing”.

Why ‘imaginative’? ‘One word too much’ is “a program – explains the host – born to go on air five days a week for 30 episodes, from October to December. This was the agreement I had with the director of Rai2 Ludovico Di Meo. And so it would have worked in the ratings, because it is a program that is liked and that when it is broadcast continuously, it makes up 4%, a share that in that time slot (from 5.15 pm to 6.00 pm on Rai2) is very good. the days have become four because on Friday they took it away to broadcast another program, then they become three or two because one day there is volleyball, another football, yet another live broadcast from the House or the Senate. It is clear that Rai can decide to broadcast whatever it wants, but with these continuous suspensions it is not possible to create the affection that is at the basis of the listening results of a program.. And so the following week, when we get back on the air, we start from 2 or 3% … “.

Magalli che clarifies that the 30 episodes “will all be made, we will also have a special Telethon, but the program would have deserved to be broadcast regularly, without all these suspensions to make room for other things, many of which – he observes – it is not clear why they did not go to dedicated channels, without taking away space from a program that people really like, for which I only received praise, everyone watches it and plays from home in the family. That’s why I made that post, just to apologize to viewers. Then some sites ‘sensationalized’ him by writing that I attacked Rai. All bullshit, I don’t attack anyone at all. I only highlighted a problem of continuity of the programming that has damaged us a little “, concludes the presenter.