Magalli’s harsh outburst: “My program doesn’t air, schizophrenic programming”

“Never seen in 40 years, I’m ashamed to say even if it’s not my fault”

“I’m ashamed to say it, even if it’s not my fault, but today ‘One Word of Too Much’ won’t be there, not even tomorrow, Monday yes and maybe Tuesday no”. It is the hard vent of Giancarlo Magalli, who in a post on Facebook expresses his bitterness for the lack of airing of his program, ‘A word of too much’. “I have no words – Magalli writes – I have never seen such schizophrenic programming in 40 years. Sorry”. Many comments of support and solidarity to the popular conductor, including those of several well-known personalities and Rai journalists. “And why?” Asks the actor Giampiero Ingrassia.

“Dear Giancarlo, you have all my solidarity ‘. I do not say anything else because’ I have already ‘paid enough on my skin for the dissent in so many years of Rai”, writes the former half-length portrait of Tg1 Attilio Romita. “If I hadn’t worked in Rai 28 years I would be surprised”, is the comment of Gian Stefano Spoto, former deputy director of Rai 2. “I have already seen it with some areas of my competence”, adds the Rai journalist Leonardo Metalli.