Maggie Smith, the legendary Oscar-winning English actress, is Loewe’s latest muse

Over seventy years of honored career and no desire to leave the center of the scene to those who came later also because – let’s face it – no one would be able to occupy it like her. Maggie Smith he is one of the leading faces of the new explosive Loewe advertising campaign which, from the social profile of its stylist, Jonathan Anderson, has already gone around the world, receiving applause from everyone, from professionals to fans. The British actress, who next December he will be eighty-nine years oldwas photographed by the lens of Juergen Teller with some of the most desirable pieces from the pre-collection of the next summer season, bags and coats from lose your mind.

The screen icon with the Puzzle Bag

Every viewer has their favorite Maggie Smith but among the most appreciated recent versions, there is undoubtedly the professor Minerva McGonagallhead of Gryffindor house (a role he held for over ten years in the saga of Harry Potter) and Countess Violet Crawley, (another long-lived character in the series Downton Abbey, passed from TV to cinema). However, we have to lose count of the characters that the English actress has played since the late 1950s on the big and small screen and the figure would not take into account all the parts performed on stage.
A living legend from the austere charm, british from the tips of the hair to the tips of the shoes, which today slips easily into yet another version of itself: unconventional fashion iconwith a face marked by wrinkles and silver hair.
However, Maggie Smith doesn’t need to act because in Loewe’s latest campaign she presents herself exactly as she is: a slightly older lady with a fur coat and a few golden rings clutching her handbag. And what a handbag, one might say: the ultimate Puzzle Bagthe iconic bag, the first designed by Anderson for Loewe, which has more versions than birthdays (the first is dated 2015).
Smith just needs one look into the lens to catapult observers into a dimension made up of dozens and dozens of different universes. In one of the two photos released by the designer, she smiles almost pleased with yet another foray into a world that only apparently does not belong to her. In fact, how can you not consider a woman so full of style credible as a brand ambassador? This is why the actress at eighty-eight years old is one perfect model. With her timeless charm and her ability to not take herself too seriously, Smith is an ideal representative of the Loewe style: original, wanted, incredibly luxurious and with a very long story to tell.

The other stars of the Loewe campaign

The Loewe campaign with Maggie Smith garnered, as was obvious, unanimous enthusiasm from top models, from Mariacarla Boscano to Kaia Gerber, and from fellow actresses, from Julianne Moore to Lily James but also from industry insiders and critics of moda commented positively on the photo shoot by Juergen Teller which is one of the most esteemed and most requested objectives of the contemporary fashion industry.
In addition to Smith, they posed the actor in front of the German’s camera Josh O’Connoralready very faithful to the Loewe style and who for Spring/Summer 2024 wrapped himself in a heavy blanket full of logos, his colleague, also a singer, Mike Faist (who with O’Connor will star in Challengers by Luca Guadagnino), the actresses Greta Lee And Dakota Fanning (who has four bags), the artist Rachel Jones, Tae-yong of the South Korean NCT 127 and the Chinese model Fei-fei Sun, all caught in a relaxed attitude and in a context that is anything but artificial, in line with Teller’s style. Perhaps the campaign photos are not all here and even if they were, the surprises are certainly not over. It goes without saying that in these hours the social media of Loewe and its creative director are hot and highly visited.