Magic Vs, the complete test of HONOR’s new foldable smartphone

We had first contact with the new HONOR Magic Vs at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona even if having it in your hands and being able to try it thoroughly – after reading about the great interest aroused in China – is a different thing. The new foldable smartphone from HONOR is a really interesting product, ideal for those who need a fast and reliable smartphone that, when needed, offers something more when opened than the others. After three intense weeks of testing here are all the features and our impressions.

The main features

HONOR Magic Vs, when closed, is quite comfortable to hold and carry in your pocket, also thanks to its low weight, for a folding phone: 267 grams. Outside we find a comfortable 6.45-inch screen through which we can perform all the functions of the phone. A very convenient use for example when we are out and about, in the car, on public transport or we have to reply to a message or check an email. HONOR Magic Vs offers maximum potential obviously when open, with its very bright 7.9-inch screen. For our use, we have chosen to use the open phone almost as if it were a tablet to read the newspapers in the morning, fill out spreadsheets, write long emails, watch and edit videos, take notes during press conferences, and We found it comfortable and reliable. The smartphone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processor which, they explain to us, “thanks to HONOR’s Turbo X engines is committed to guaranteeing longer battery life and a smoother experience”. In terms of memory, however, we find 12 gigabytes of Ram and 512 gigabytes of storage space. On the energy side, there is a double battery compartment that offers a good 5,000 mAh of power: it allowed us to work outdoors and intensely for more than a full day between calls, photos, videos, reading texts and writing emails and articles . Thanks to the 66W charger included in the package and the HONOR Super Charge technology, in our tests we recharged the Magic Vs from completely discharged to 100% in 47 minutes (in 15 it reaches 45%, in 30 it exceeds 80%). Finally, there is the fingerprint reader located on the side power button (but there is also the convenient unlocking via face recognition).

A “comfortable to look at” and secure phone

Many interesting functions introduced by HONOR to avoid eye strain. The one that impressed us the most is the circadian night display: based on the day-night rhythm, HONOR Magic Vs gradually warms up the colors of the display to reduce the amount of blue light at night, reaching the warmest color level around the midnight: a function that should ensure the secretion of melatonin to improve sleep. That’s not all: through Dynamic Dimming “a dynamic light that resembles natural light is used – they explain – to stimulate the movement of the ciliary muscles, helping to relieve eye fatigue by increasing blood circulation in the ciliary muscle and activating the corresponding neurons in the visual cortex”: a characteristic, therefore, which contributes to not getting tired during the many hours of work. HONOR guarantees that Magic Vs is also a very secure phone: designed together with Qualcomm, the Dual TEE security operating system, they say, “offers hardware-level protection that guarantees greater privacy and security”, while thanks to the Discrete Security Chipset “l The user’s identity is protected from forgery or its removal from the operating system, ensuring greater data integrity”.

The opening and closing mechanism

To contribute to the versatility and not too excessive weight of the phone also a light and gearless opening and closing hinge, they explain to us, made using one-piece fusion technology, with an extremely reduced number of components. According to HONOR, the zipper is able to withstand 400 thousand folds, about ten years of use with 100 folds per day. What we notice when opening and closing the phone is a firm closure, without leaving gaps, precise, reliable, even if we must always remember to avoid contact with liquids, sand and dust, which could ruin the mechanism (it is not ideal , therefore, for example, take the Magic Vs with you to the beach). Instead, we missed being able to open the phone “halfway”, at a 90-degree angle, to be clear, for example to be able to participate in meetings (and perhaps take notes) by keeping the phone resting on a surface. As also happens in other competitive smartphones, it is possible to start an operation on the external screen and continue it on the internal one, and vice versa. Well-optimized MagicOS 7.1 software based on Android 13 which offers the possibility of working with multiple apps side by side (up to 4), intelligent text recognition (Magic Text) and the HONOR Connect platform to exchange data simultaneously with other HONOR devices (e.g. example laptops and smartphones).

The photographic sector

Now let’s talk about the photographic sector: HONOR Magic Vs is equipped with a triple rear camera system with a 54-megapixel main camera with IMX800 sensor, a 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle and macro lens, an 8-megapixel 3X optical zoom telephoto lens; the front camera is 16 megapixels. The possibility of activating the external screen to show, for example, our friends a real-time preview of how a photo we are about to take will be useful (also seen on other leaflets). In addition to the photo mode enhanced by artificial intelligence, there is timelapse, slow motion, panorama mode, dual view video and even more particular modes (Pro, Cinema, Aperture) suitable for those who want to customize all photo settings and of videos. The photographs we took both day and night were of very good quality, we appreciated both the fast focus and the colors and detail rendering, very faithful to reality. A bit disappointing, however, the zoom pushed to the maximum. The videos are also of a good standard (perhaps they could have worked a little more on the stabilization), which reach a maximum resolution of 4K.

Verdict, availability and prices

HONOR Magic Vs is therefore a very complete smartphone, ideal in our opinion for professionals, for those who spend all day between the office, appointments or business trips and need a unique product capable of combining the practicality and power of a high-end smartphone with the visual convenience of a tablet. HONOR Magic Vs is not cheap: its price (however justified by the technology that the smartphone offers) is 1,599 euros. It is marketed in two colors: black and cyan.

Pros and cons


  • Complete and well optimized system, in terms of software and battery
  • Convenient to carry, even in your pocket


  • It should not be exposed to liquids, sand and dust
  • Unable to use phone with screen half open (90 degrees)