Maignan case in the Chamber, Soumahoro-Kelany back and forth

In the Chamber the story of the racist insults to the AC Milan goalkeeper

It also finds space in the Chamber the story of the racist insults to Milan goalkeeper Mike Maignan during the Udinese-Milan championship match, suspended on Saturday evening for a few minutes. Mixed Group MP Aboubakar Soumahoro brought the Maignan case to the chamber: “It’s not the first time this has happened. The context, the political climate in which this occurs must lead us to further reflection.”

Soumahoro continued: “What message does politics send to public opinion when it talks about ethnic replacement, when measures are adopted such as the Cutro decree, the deportation of migrants to Albania, the Bossi-Fini law or when politics remains silent in the face of to an openly fascist attitude like that of Acca Larenzia?”.

Federico Fornaro, of the Democratic Party, then joined in condemning racist insults “without ifs or buts”: “There must be zero tolerance towards these behaviors”. Same position (“I join in the condemnation of these execrable acts of racism”) by the FdI deputy Sara Kelany, who however responded decisively to Soumahoro: “I feel like condemning those who bring these arguments into this chamber to continue to make ideology and to call this government fascist, racist, xenophobic. This does no good to the cause that Mr Soumahoro wanted to bring to this chamber. For this reason, the statements of the Honorable Soumahoro are absolutely unacceptable.”

For Fdi deputy Gimmi Cangiano, member of the Culture and Education Commission in the Chamber, it was “an unworthy spectacle for a civilized country with a thousand-year history like ours. Racist and offensive chants rise from the stands against Mike Maignan, AC Milan goalkeeper The referee declares the match temporarily interrupted. The Milan players head towards the changing rooms and those of Udinese towards the Curva Nord to beg a small group of troublesome ultras to bring everything back to an ‘acceptable’ level among the fans. Scenes already seen a lot of times”.

“I remember with pain the hate-filled chants against Koulibaly when he was still playing in Italy. And then the usual debate that in the following hours inflames newspapers and TV, but which is destined to remain closed in on itself if we don’t face reality It is no longer possible to allow stadiums to often be in the hands of resentful and dangerous fans, who have taken away from families the pleasure of following their favorite team. It is not possible that a moment of sport and entertainment should become a battlefield “, remarks the parliamentarian, who concludes: “Saturday’s episode went around the world, giving an image of our Italy which does not reflect the beauty of what we are. The unanimous condemnation is good: but it is not enough. much more drastic and stringent measures were taken into consideration. Because the moment Maignan leaves the pitch desolate and humiliated, that is where we all lost. As men and as fans. We can no longer allow this to happen.”