Main personality differences between people of the same sign but who were born in different months

These subtle disparities between people belonging to the same sign also depend on the decans. the decans They divide the signs of the zodiac into three parts, each of which represents a sign in the same element.

If you look at your natal chart, you’ll see that the Sun (and other personal planets) each have a degree just above them. Each sign oscillates between 0 and 29° degrees. From 0-9°, it is the first decan, generally the first ten days of a sign. The next ten days represent the second decan which is 10-19 degrees and the third decan is 20-29 degrees, the last ten days of the sign.

When you have other personal planets closer to neighboring signs, it makes the distinctions between the same zodiac signs in different months more pronounced.

Personality differences between the same zodiac sign born in different months

March Aries vs. april aries

Aries born in March shares space with the dreamer and visionary Pisces. The first decan Aries expresses their strongest Martian energy as they are the determined and daring leaders.

The second decan Aries falls under the sign of Leo. April houses most of the second and third decans. Aries born in this decan focus on having their victories and standing out is easy for them. They love to be the center of attention.

Finally, the third decan is represented by Sagittarius, which makes its energy more Jupiterian. They are the fearless and independent philosophers of the Aries group.

April Taurus vs. May Taurus

April Tauruses born at the beginning of their season are very in tune with their Venusian traits. They are charming, romantic and calm.

The month of May has the most decans two and three.

Those who fall in the second decan will be like Virgo, making them more mercurial in their behavior. These are the achievers and the planners.

Ambitious and determined Tauruses in the third decan are similar to Capricorns. Expect these Tauruses to be ambitious and extremely hard-working who fight for what they want.

Geminis born in May vs. June Gemini

Geminis born in May represent the first decan. They are talkative, social and love to learn. They can easily absorb information and will know a little about everything.

Geminis who are in the second decan will behave more like Libras. These are the Geminis born around June. They seem to be in control, love art and beautiful things, and are generally popular.

Seers fall into the third decan, represented by Aquarius. These Geminis are eccentric, fun, and outgoing. They also value your independence and creative visions.

June Cancer Vs. july cancer

Cancers born in early June under the first decan are ruled by the Moon. They love to care for others and are warm and loving.

The second decan, born in July, is ruled by Scorpio, which makes them very mysterious and private. These Cancers do not trust others easily. They are ambitious, loyal and bold.

The third decan is linked to Pisces. These Cancers can be very romantic, selfless, and outgoing. They are extremely creative and passionate about their work.

July Leo vs. August Leo

July Leos are proud and confident leaders, poised to take on the world and know how to sit on their throne. Expect a take-charge attitude.

August, or second decan, Leos have traits similar to Sagittarius, as they value their independence, are free-spirited, and ready to make changes on a social level.

Finally, the third decan Leo, born in mid-August, has the pioneering spirit of Aries. They go after what they want, they know their limits and they are meticulous when pushed to achieve what they want.

Virgo born in August vs. Virgo born in September

August Virgos are perfectionists, planners, and diligent researchers. They set their eyes on something and are determined to succeed.

September, or second decan, Virgos have similar traits to Capricorn. They are a hardworking sign and their dominant personalities make them more comfortable in leadership positions.

The third decan (mid-September) will show more Taurus-like qualities. These are the ones ruled by Venus who know how to make her presence known. They prioritize their appearance and will gravitate towards fashion and personal care.

September/Libra vs. October/Pound

September Libras are in the first decan where Venus traits radiate with pride. They love to dress up and be the center of attention. Hardworking and ambitious, expect your excellent networking skills to lead you into positions of influence.

Libras of the second decan, born in October, are similar to Aquarius. They are not afraid to take risks. They are analytical and meticulous pioneers. More independent than September Libras, relationships may not be as important to them.

Finally, the third decan, in mid-October, Libra is ruled by Mercury/Gemini. They are known for their networking skills, resourcefulness, and determination. Good writers and public speakers are in this decan.

October/Scorpio vs. November/Scorpio

Scorpios born in October display the Martian qualities that make them strong, driven, and full of purpose. These Scorpios are hardworking and patient and prefer to stay out of the limelight.

The second decan of November, Scorpio is connected with Pisces. Artists and creatives are in this decan and are not afraid to express themselves, especially if they have planets in Sagittarius.

Finally, the third decan of Scorpio, born in mid-November, is ruled by the Moon and will show traits similar to those of Cancer. These are the homebodies and the ones who will prioritize family and relationship building.

November/Sagittarius vs. December/Sagittarius

Sagittarians in the first decan, or Sagittarians born in November, are optimists but appreciate the occasional dose of reality. They are the adventurers and networkers of the zodiac who want to travel and learn from other cultures.

Those born in the second decan, December, are ruled by Mars and express traits similar to those of Aries. They can be more impulsive and combative, but it’s just their passionate nature and desire to succeed.

The third decan, Sagittarius born in mid-December, has no problem taking on leadership positions where he can help others. Many in this decan gravitate toward careers in politics or law.

December Capricorn vs. january capricorn

December 1st decan Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, but they could have a freer spirit if they also have planets in Sagittarius. They find a balance between work and play, prioritizing their need for fun.

January 2nd decan, Capricorns are ruled by Taurus and are confident and courageous, unafraid to go after what they desire. These Capricorns are more romantic and outgoing.

Capricorns of the third decan, born in mid-January, have Virgo traits. They work hard and usually gravitate towards science and other research-related fields. These are perfectionists and will prioritize their careers to get to the top.

January Aquarius vs. February Aquarius

January Aquarius born in the first decan of the sign is motivated and is not afraid to break the limits. Ruled by Saturn, they know how to plan to get where they want to go.

February Aquarians born in the second decan are usually bookworms with a hunger for knowledge. This Gemini-ruled decan loves to communicate with others and their social circle is wide, as they are witty, curious and attractive.

The third decan, in mid-February, Aquarius has Libra traits, which makes them social and encourages them to establish lasting connections. They know how to make lasting impressions. Their artistic qualities can make them more innovative.

February Pisces vs. March Pisces

Pisces born in February, in the first decan, are dreamers and have impressive imaginations. Channeling their creative side, they are great artists, poets, or designers.

Second decan, March, Pisces is ruled by Cancer, so they know how to make others feel at home. They are affectionate, loyal and easily trusted by others.

The third decan of Pisces, born in mid-March, is in Scorpio. Ruled by Mars, they are often more aggressive and focused on success. They are also more emotionally reserved, showing the world a different side than they have at home.