Maire Tecnimont inaugurates a polymer upcycling plant in Abu Dhabi

On the occasion of the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (Adipec), one of the most important international exhibitions of the natural resources industry, the subsidiary of Maire Tecnimont NextChem, through the subsidiary Gcb Polymers, today inaugurated a new polymer upcycling plant (plastics) in the Kezad Industrial Zone, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. This new plant processes different types of polymers, from near to prime to plant end-of-production waste, as well as recycled polymers. (VIDEO)

The plant is able both to improve low quality polymers (such as lower range products, and non-compliant ones) and to carry out an upcycling process on plastic residues to transform them into qualified polymers of higher value destined for industrial applications specific, contributing in a concrete way to the development of the circular economy.

Located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the largest industrial and free zone in the Middle East, the plant was built by Gcb Polymers, a joint venture between NextChem, P2 Polimeri and Polyme General Trading. Gcb Polymers is a pioneering investor in Kezad Polymers Park, an ecosystem that spans the entire plastics value chain, located near the heart of the vast Kezad industrial zone, supporting the national program to create a new circular economy in the UAE and create value. on the territory.

“The Kezad plant is an example of Italian know-how, which was developed in Italy and is now exported to help countries such as the Emirates develop the circular economy on an industrial scale,” commented Fabrizio Di Amato, the Chairman of Maire Tecnimont, at the inauguration of the plant. “By converting low quality polymers into higher value products and, at the same time, by upcycling plastic waste, we are industrializing an innovative and concrete model to give a strong impetus to the circular economy in the UAE. We are happy to continue. to support the country to realize its vision on the energy transition with more energy produced and fewer emissions “.

The Gcb Polymers plant will use the nearby Port of Khalifa to import and export products every day, reaching a full production peak of 180,000 tons per year over the next few years. These polymers can be used to make products for the home, for garden furniture, for pipes, for packaging and for many other applications.

This initiative confirms Maire Tecnimont’s commitment to creating value in Eau, where the Group has been involved in the energy transformation industry since the late 1990s.