“Maître Chocolatier, Talents in Challenge”, the (sweet) talent show kicks off on TV8

The spotlights come on Maître Chocolatier, Talents in Challenge “, the first Italian talent show for aspirants Maîtres Chocolatiers, produced by Banijay Italia, premiered on TV8, from 20 November, every Saturday, for five episodes, at 7.15 pm. Ten professionals, leading experts in the art of chocolate, challenge each other to the last praline to join the team of Maître Chocolatiers by Lindt Italia.

Giorgio Locatelli to the management

To the management, the starred chef Giorgio Locatelli, judge of MasterChef Italia, who follows the aspirants Maîtres Chocolatiers in their path, revealing their stories and dreams. At his side a jury of excellence, authoritative and with a long experience in the world of chocolate: the Maître Chocolatier Lindt Nico Tomaselli, the pastry chef Melissa Forti, refined and dark like a dark chocolate bar, and in each episode a special guest surprisingly, coming from the world of entertainment. A unique and refined location welcomes the jury and the competitors, who can freely express their art and creativity in this space. Symbol of competition, prop and work object, the traditional melting pot, from which rivers of milk, dark and white chocolate inebriate the studio theater of contention with a sweet scent.

the stakes

In each episode two challenges are staged, two occasions to show one’s talent to the judges and make the spectators dream at home, showing the thousand facets and shades of chocolate, revealing the secrets of a raw material and an art as noble as the processing of chocolate. The first test, the Creation Test, it is useful for competitors to show their artistic sensitivity and the ability to realize their inspiration. The second test, theExpertise Testinstead, it stimulates competitors to demonstrate their technical skills to reproduce the essential and characteristic trait of Lindt’s iconic products, such as Lindor or Orsetto, faithfully recreating it or presenting a personal variation. In each episode two competitors are eliminated, in a crescendo of intensity and gluttony, because only the best will become part of the team of Maîtres Chocolatiers by Lindt Italia, wearing the iconic hat.