Make money with TikTok, the longest videos are coming

The company pledges $1 billion over three years for creators affiliated with the new program

TikTok is testing a new payment formula for creators subscribed to its platform, and is switching to longer videos. The newly announced affiliate program, Creativity Program, is in beta testing in the USA, France and Brazil, and will soon arrive in other areas including Italy. The program is currently invitational, reserved for users over 18 and with a certain number of views and followers. In this case, however, the clips must expressly be longer than a minute to be included in the Creativity Program, but above all with original content and created according to some precise directives.

TikTok, despite being the first to introduce short videos as the main form of its social offering, has been aiming for longer content for some time now, allowing some users to upload up to ten minutes of clips. It’s currently unclear how much the Creativity Program affiliation will yield in terms of earnings for creators, but TikTok said the fund includes $1 billion to be shared with creators over three years. The competition has already responded against this strategy: Meta has declared its intention to spend a billion dollars on creators by the end of 2022, and YouTube is offering 45 percent of earnings from advertising to YouTube Shorts creators.