Malgioglio furious with Mahmood’s ‘Cocktail d’amore’: “Copycat! What a fall in style!”

The lyricist told Adnkronos: “That is an iconic title linked to the song I wrote for Stefania Rotolo, it cannot be copied. If Mahmood has no ideas, he would change jobs”.

“I’m angry. I came to Istanbul to visit my boyfriend and they warned me that today Mahmood has announced a new song entitled ‘Love cocktail‘. That is an iconic title linked to the very successful song that I wrote and which was brought to success by poor Stefania Rotolo”. Cristiano Malgioglio he is furious on the phone from the Turkish capital to Adnkronos.

“I’m beside myself. That’s not a trivial title. It’s a very original title for such an important song. As if I wrote a song and called it ‘In the blue painted blue’. It can’t be done, it infuriates me. If he had done a cover, it would have been a good thing. But this really isn’t. If he has no ideas, he should change jobs immediately. Because this work is done with good ideas, not by copying other people’s ideas. Faced with these lapses in style, I become a beast”, concludes Malgioglio, who in recent weeks has been enjoying the success of another of his timeless songs, brought to success by Mina, ‘Ancora Ancora Ancora’ and now remixed by Mark Ronson .