Mali, Italians kidnapped “in a blitz with 4 armed terrorists”

“The family has lived in the country for several years”

The three Italians, kidnapped in Mali, have been living in the African country for several years with a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Informed sources report this to Adnkronos, according to which the compatriots they were not even registered in the Registry of Italians residing abroad (Aire). According to sources, they most likely felt safe despite residing in a very dangerous area and despite using local names.

Husband, wife and child would be taken by a commando, made up of four men, arrived aboard a Toyota in the village of Sicnina in the Sikasso region. No witnesses would have attended the blitz. Behind the kidnapping of the three Italians in Mali, the same sources reveal, there could be the Qaedist terrorists of the Jnim, acronym for Support Group for Islam and Muslims. The area in which they were located, on the border with Burkina Faso, is an area where the presence of jihadists is very strong. The three were in Sincina, in the Sikasso region, about 270 kilometers southeast of Bamako. No fire would be opened during the blitz.