Maluma boasts of his charms on social networks

Maluma has once again done his thing on social networks. The famous Colombian singer shared a photo on Instagram a few days ago while enjoying the pool, which left more than one with their mouths open. In the image, the artist is with a towel covering his lower part, while his naked torso is exposed to the sun.

But that is not what has caught the attention of its more than 62.9 million followers on the social network. The way the sunlight and water reflect off her skin, as well as the angle of the photo, have made many wonder if the singer appears completely naked in the image.

Although some Internet users have claimed that Maluma showed more than necessary, it cannot be confirmed with certainty if the singer undressed for the photo. The truth is that the publication has achieved more than 1,200,000 likes and some comments, like that of the singer anuelwho replied: “don’t be making me look bad with these photos.”

Others, on the other hand, took advantage of the season of prayer to allude to Easter.

But this is not the first time that Maluma has caused sighs among his followers. The singer has made it clear on several occasions that he likes to show off his physical attractiveness.

In an interview with a Mexican medium, the artist declared that he felt very comfortable with his body and that he had no problem showing it.

With this latest publication, Maluma has once again shown that he is still one of the most seductive artists of the moment. His fans are looking forward to seeing what the singer will share next on his social networks.