Maly Jorquera’s new project on her return to TV

After its successful first season on the screens of REC, the program “Humor en fila fila” returns to the signal of the memory of Channel 13 with its second cycle. This debuts today at 8:00 p.m., now under the leadership of maly jorquiera.

“Humor in the front row” focuses on having different guests, exponents of contemporary national comedy, to talk about their beginnings on stage, their current projects and remember great comedians who made an entire country laugh in the past.

In this second season of the 13th retro station project, comedians such as Lucas Espinoza, Valentina Saini, “Maldita Luni Love”, “Gringo Mode On”, Pamela Leiva, Rosario Sánchez “Dinamitera” and Sergio Freire will be present.

In addition to enjoying an entertaining conversation, the guests of “Humor in the front row” will be the protagonists of fun sections, such as “The childhood joke”, “What does REC say” and “Guess the auction”, among others.

As usual, memories will be a fundamental part of the program, a place where viewers will be able to relive iconic moments of humor in Chile, such as sketches from “De chincol a jote” or “A otra cosa mariposa”, for example, or comedian presentations. in “Long live Monday”, “Giant Saturdays” and “Come with me”. The same ones that in the middle of 2023 continue to make laugh, this time to new generations.

About taking the lead of “Humor in the front row”, Maly Jorquiera declares that “getting to work at the retro signal has been a great surprise, because I feel very REC. I grew up with the soap operas, ‘Sábados gigantes’, ‘De chincol a jote’ and ‘Viva el lunes’, so I feel very confident to enjoy this place and also very confident to make it known to those who have not lived there. all these programs and characters that went through Channel 13”.

To this, Jorquiera adds that “I feel very comfortable and happy to be on a channel that is also super friendly. I have a team that has welcomed me with a very good vibe and willingness to play to make this program with a lot of entertainment, improvisation and laughter”.

In relation to what it is like to remember iconic national comedians, from the current perspective thanks to the guests from the space and her animation, Maly comments that it is very exciting, especially for those who marked her life and the history of humor in the country. : “I am grateful to be able to honor them and make them visible again, because they all contributed to what comedy is in Chile and to what one is as an actress and comedian. The work we have done is very beautiful and I hope that people see it that way as well”.

“Humor in the front row”, debut of the second season today at 8:00 p.m. on the REC screens, yesterday and today together.