Mambo, the community to train content creators

There are about 150 boys and girls, between Italy and Spain, who are part of the Mambo community. Here, young creators – between the ages of 15 and 40 – learn to relate to brands to create increasingly innovative and effective content.

A community to professionalize creators

“We offer content creators a training course that can professionalize them to become content creators capable of working together with brands,” explains Tommaso Ricci, Managing Director of Mambo. “Furthermore, creators can participate in events that are organized monthly in which they can get to know other content creators and expand their network of relationships,” adds Ricci. The importance of the network is also reaffirmed by one of Mambo’s young creators, Mirco Azzolini: “Working with Mambo I have the opportunity to get to know other creators like me and learn new things, so as to improve my videos and create increasingly interesting content” .

Entertainment, information and more

Creator content is designed for all major platforms, from TikTok to Instagram or Twitch. Whether they are related to gaming, travel, information or more generally the world of entertainment, Mambo follows creators step by step in the creation of content, always trying to create something unique. “The real difference today is in the language, which is purely based on entertainment,” comments Ricci. “It all depends on the content creator’s ability to hold the audience’s attention from the beginning to the end of a video”.