Mameli – The boy who dreamed of Italy, the TV series about the author of the Italian anthem

Two episodes, for four episodes: Rai1 will bring the life of Goffredo Mameli, author of the Italian anthem and forerunner of rock star. Like a rock star, Mameli died at just 21 years oldafter having fought in defense of the Roman Republic.

The Rai miniseries, premiering, will tell the story of his life and figure. He will do it under the direction by Luca Lucini (Three meters above the sky), in a mix of love and passion, struggles and ideals.

Mamelithe plot

Mameli’s life was short, but his memory continues today. AND Mameli – The boy who dreamed of Italy says exactly this. It tells of his life, strongly intertwined with the political events of 1800. It tells of when he left Genoa together with three hundred other boys, to support the five days of 1948. Or of when, in 1949, he left with five hundred patriots to defend Rome. His ardor was such that inspire entire generations. He fought and fought, Mameli. But he also composed the Hymn to the great demonstration of the Oregina, he met and formed a deep friendship with Nino Bixioand it was protégé of Giuseppe Garibaldi and Giuseppe Mazzini. Until, on June 3, 1949, he was fatally wounded. Who shot him? According to some, he was accidentally wounded by a companion’s bayonet. According to others, a shot from a French rifle was fatal.

The cast

Taking on the role of Goffredo Mameli is Riccardo de Rinaldis Santorellialready protagonist of The long night: the fall of the Duce. Alongside him, in the role of Nino Bixio who pushed him to focus on politics, we find Amedeo Gullà. Giorgio Mameli, rear admiral of the Sardinian navy and father of Goffredo, is Neri Marcorè. Adelaide Zoagli Mameli, Giorgio’s wife and Goffredo’s mother, as well as Giuseppe Mazzini’s childhood friend, is Isabella Briganti. In the cast of Mameli – The boy who dreamed of Italy we also find Giovanni Crozza Signoris in the role of Carlin Repetto (revolutionary commoner, illegitimate son of General Modane) e Barbara Venturato in those of Geronima Ferretti, Mameli’s first love. Lucia Mascino is the Marchesa Luisa Ferretti, Geronima’s mother, while Luke Ward It is Father Sinaldi, the girl’s guardian.