Manara against Musk: “Use my drawings as memes without permission, do I sue him?”

The famous illustrator Milo Manara against Elon Musk for using one of his drawings on social networks without authorization. Musk has in fact used a drawing by Manara to challenge Donald Trump to post the first tweet: a very explicit sexually religious meme to suggest that the former president is having a hard time staying off Twitter. “I wish Elon Musk was forced to tweet a thousand times: I will never again use Milo Manara’s art without permission. I will never again use Milo Manara’s art without permission. I will never again use… How about I sue him , asking him for 44 billion in compensation? So I could buy Twitter back and give it back to someone else!” wrote Milo Manara on Facebook, taking up the tweet in question.

The cartoon discussed

The richest man in the world shared the meme with his 118 million users in response to Trump who said he had “no reason” to return to Twitter despite its new owner, the South African billionaire, giving him back the account that was banned. The drawing shows a monk, referred to as the American tycoon praying while a young woman is bowed in front of him, her bottom exposed but covered by the Twitter symbol. “And lead us not into temptation,” Musk added, using a line from the Our Father prayer. So far Trump seems willing to use his Truth Social, where he has 4.61 million followers: however, he gives up the 87.5 million who now follow his Twitter account, which has remained inactive so far.