Mancini and his resignation as coach: “Fake news and manipulation”

Saudi Arabia’s new coach: “The real contact with Arabia dates back to 18 August”

False information and manipulations on Roberto Mancini’s farewell to the national team. The new coach of Saudi Arabia, with a post on Instagram, tries to reconstruct the facts: from the farewell to the blue bench to contacts with the Saudis up to the signing. “Many of you have asked me why I left the national team and the timing of my new signing. I imagine you may have been confused by certain press reports. On the other hand, false information and manipulations have always existed if already the ancient poems they were full of false news, circulated by the gods only to confuse mortals. The timing is only that which I also reiterated yesterday at the press conference, i.e. the real and concrete contact with the representatives of the Saudi Federation dates back to August 18, nothing of more. And then, for those who really know football know that the times for reaching agreements are always extremely fast, even if it takes just a few days,” he says.

“Dear Fans, I want to thank all of you for the great support and true friendship you have always shown me – writes Mancini -, and especially in these last hectic days and hours, which have seen me not on the bench but in the ‘center field’. your testimonies of affection and esteem are all contained in important, true and sincere words such as ‘remember that you are the back-heel goal’, ‘the man of extra time victory’, ‘you never gave up, up to the last second ‘, ‘you are the embrace of friendship’. Here, I have put them all in my suitcase and they will accompany me and inspire me in facing the new challenges that await me”.

“In my life, football has always been everything to me, ever since I was little more than a child, in the dirt fields, at thirteen, always and only challenging a ball. And in this life, for me the only , I have always associated fundamental words such as sacrifice, work, merit and trust. Yes, trust. Because receiving full trust, with the consequent autonomy, has always been my first criterion for choosing in both human and professional relationships. Because where there is no trust, there is no football, no victory and no future. I’m counting on you and on your support, heart and soul, as only a true fan knows.”