Måneskin, brawl at the concert. Damiano jokes: “Lazio’s shirt is worse”

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In the curriculum of the Maneskin there is no shortage of victories at the San Remo Festival and atEurovisionthe opening of the concert by Rolling Stonesthe entertainment of Angelina Jolie and of the daughter Shiloh to the maxi-exhibition at the Circus Maximus, international acknowledgments, world tours and, now, even one brawl. The rock band has in fact suspended the live performance of the North American date for a few minutes Loud Kids Tour to the Fillmores of Philadelphia due to some fans who crowded and brawled under the stage, then immediately stopped by security. Initially gasped Damian Davidfrontman of the group, commented on the clash with the public: “It never happened, it’s the first quarrel that has ever happened in one of our concerts. no, guys, don’t be violent, it sucks. Respect the people around you.” Among the cheers of approval from the fans, Damiano continued: “Especially if they are fans of Måneskin. There are worse things in the world!” Finally, to dilute the atmosphere, Damiano ironically thanked the supporters of the brawl for having distracted the spectators from the imminent end of the concert.

In the VIDEO in the lead: “Damiano stops a concert in Mexico”


After the performance Damiano reposted the video of the fight on Twitter accompanied by the ironic caption “the worst thing is the girl in the Lazio shirt”, referring to a spectator spotted by the frontman, of Romanist faith, in the audience. Not everyone, however, appreciated the joke, starting with the Lazio sports club itself which commented on the musician’s post with the lyrics of the hit Shut up and good: “You know how…We are crazy but different from them”. Damiano immediately put down the controversy: “Above all not at all susceptible”, and after adding the emoticon of a red heart: “Come on, he’ll play”.


The Måneskin, announced in the line-up of the edition I’ll be your mirror of the Spring Sound 2023 in Madrid and Barcelona in the company, among others, of the headliners Depeche Mode, blur, Kendrick Lamar, Rosalia And Calvin Harristhey will continue on Loud Kids Tour North American until the last date in Las Vegas on December 16, while on February 23 next year they will land on European stages. The new album will also be released on January 20, 2023 Rush!anticipated by the single The Loneliestwhile on February 5, 2023 the band will participate in the 65th Grammy Awardswhere it will run for the Best New Artist category. The Italian group most listened to abroad in 2022 according to Spotify’s annual chart he also contributed cover songs by If I can dream from Elvis Presley to the soundtrack of the biopic Elvis directed by Baz LuhrmannGrammy-nominated Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media.