Maneskin, brawl between fans at concert. Damiano: “Worse girl with Lazio shirt”

Q&A with the Biancoceleste club

“The worst thing was the girl in the Lazio shirt.” The tweet is from Damiano of Maneskin, who posted a video of a fight between fans at a Philadelphia concert. The Roman band had to interrupt the performance, resumed shortly after with the frontman who, before starting to sing again, told the crowd “Violence is a stra…ta, we always respect those close to us”. A few hours later, Damiano tweeted the video of the fight – in which we can also see a girl in the Lazio shirt – accompanying him with that comment.

The reply from the Biancoleste club arrived shortly: “You know how it is… There was no shortage of the artist’s rejoinder: “Above all, not at all susceptible. Come on, he plays”.