Maneskin, Damiano and Ethan (very blonde) pose like the Olsen twins PHOTO

At the 2023 MTV VMAs, i Maneskin they won in the Best Rock category with The Loneliest (PHOTO). During the evening, Damiano and Ethan amazed with their platinum blonde look (a novelty more for the drummer than for the frontman, to be honest) and with their… kiss! The two have in fact recreated the kiss between Madonna and Britney Spears, in the same location and on the same occasion as it happened twenty years ago. Now, on Instagram, the two have brought another famous scene to life. The protagonists, this time, are the Olsen twins.

Damiano and Ethan as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Towel, bathrobe, heeled boots: Damiano and Ethan certainly did not go unnoticed for the streets of New York. Their unusual walk, posted on the group’s Instagram profile, had one objective: to promote the new line of merchandising. The quote, as they themselves confirmed in the caption, is from the film A crazy day in New York (New York Minute) of 2004, in which Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen they play two twins with opposite personalities, dealing with different (mis)adventures in New York. Just like the two girls, half of the Maneskins walked the streets of the Big Apple in white bathrobe. The only difference? The wedges, symbol of their rock soul. And the glamorous attitude. In the stories, posing in front of a New York food truck, the very blond artists then arranged to meet at 11.30 on Friday 15 September: at that time, New York fans will be able to collect the free merchandising going toHard Rock Hotel.

The opinion of the New York Times

“Is Maneskin the Last Rock Band?” is the title of the article that Dan Brooks he wrote on the New York Times. Retracing the last tour of the Roman band, Brooks spoke about the fame of Damiano and his companions. “Maneskin likes them because they are the momentary expression of a type of music that an entire segment of the population only knows from Spotify” he writes. For the very young, or at least for many of them, the rock music it’s an artifact to be listened to in streaming, all at once, even though decades pass between the songs. The Maneskin therefore have a merit: having brought rock to those who did not experience the golden years of the genre. But if rock had already breathed its last breath (the first place on the Billboard stopped in 2001, with How You Remind Me by Nickelback)? This is the disturbing question the article asks.