Maneskin, Damiano helps the Feline Oasis of Pianoro: the message

Damiano David dei Maneskin has decided to expose itself in favor of the Feline Oasis of Pianoro in the Bolognese area, after the fire in which eight cats died in October.

Damiano David, his message

Damiano was among those who gave a economic help for the reconstruction of the feline oasis of Pianoro, devastated by the fire. “As soon as we saw what had happened – wrote the singer – me and my partner we immediately decided to help you. We ourselves own two cats and cannot imagine the suffering you have been through. It was the least we could do and we would be very happy to come and see you at the refuge ”. Antonio Dercenno, president of the feline oasis of Pianoro, in an interview with the ETV broadcaster, he specified that the singer’s donation was not a single donation but a monthly subscription. “When we went to check the donor’s name, we knew who it was. We then tried to contact him and he was really very kind, he explained to us that after learning about the fire he and his girlfriend felt the need to give us a hand. This fills our hearts with joy ”. In the post of thanks on Facebook, the volunteers of the oasis wanted to thank Damiano. “They are simple and beautiful words that could come from any of the many people who have helped us in this period after the fire of 14 October that has devastated our structure. “Only” that they do not exactly come from ‘just anyone’, but from a person known literally all over the world who in the last year has done nothing but collect extraordinary successes. A young boy with a noble and sensitive soul, who among his many commitments has been able to find the time and the way to be close to us and to make us move. Thanks Damiano, we are waiting for you in Oasi “.

The Feline Oasis of Pianoro, the fire

The fire he has the feline oasis of Pianoro was devastated destroyed the infirmary and other new structures, and eight cats (Amethyst, Gigetto, Trico, Theo and Alexis two brothers, Lauretta, Ginger and Anastasia, who were housed in the infirmary) lost their lives, while others had fled away in terror from the flames. Many gestures of solidarity to help the Oasis restart, including those of Bologna football. The municipality also did its part, preparing the ground for one stele in memory of the kittens that died in the fire. The infirmary was equipped with very expensive equipment and had been in operation since September.