Maneskin make Lapo and Cardi B fight: what happened

Question and answer on Twitter

“Wake up and smell the coffee, Cardi B. Italy is not spaghetti and wine, it is much, much more. Italy is beauty, culture, Leonardo, Ferrari, opera. So, before introducing Italian artists, learn and get ready. It’s so sad to use stereotypes to welcome the Maneskins. ” Clash at gunpoint via social media between Lapo Elkann and Cardi B., the host of the American Music Awards, who hosted the Maneskins the other night, presenting them with a ‘curtain’ that sparked a lot of controversy. Cardi B., sitting at a table with a checkered tablecloth, accompanied by a mandolin, introduced the band over a plate of spaghetti.

“You fight against racism and stereotypes of minorities which is a great thing and deserves the utmost respect – Lapo pressed, also posting the ‘offending’ video of the presentation – I think that feeding stereotypes against others goes against the values ​​you seek to share with your fans. That’s all. You and your family are welcome in Italy, and I’d like to host you in Italy. A lot of heart “, concluded the manager.

Cardi B. promptly replied in kind, only to remove the tweet: “Would you like to give me a whole lesson on an awards show? Should I have brought a Ferrari to the stage? -The rapper joked- I made some jokes too about my hometown. People want to feel outraged for no reason, in no way was I trying to be offensive. “