Maneskin, Pillon rejects the look. And Damiano replies

Social question and answer between the senator and the band

Maneskin triumphs at Ema, Senator Simone Pillon ‘does not appreciate’ the look of the band. And Damiano David, frontman of the group, replies. Social question and answer between the Northern League exponent and the band of the moment, just awarded in Budapest. “The Maneskin in Budapest, in front of a stiff presenter in kilt (he must have confused the Scoti with the Hungarians), complete with a performer (boy) in culottes and garters, receive the MtvEma”, writes Pillon, including the wrestler. Drew McIntyre: The Scottish athlete, who presented the award, wore the traditional kilt. In the sights of the senator the band ends up above all for the eccentric look: “We will soon come to the men’s bra. Obviously, once they have taken the microphone, they cannot escape the whining for the resounding rejection of the DdlZan. Looking at them, I wonder: ‘Where would the discrimination be?’ I would like to know how much career a band could make that was inspired by the Christian roots of Europe, or that praised the defense of life from conception or that took the fight against drugs as a theme “, continues Pillon.

“I remember the massacre to which Povia was subjected only for having dared to participate in the 2007 Family day defending the natural family … something different, I know, on stage the boys in tuxedos and the young lady in evening dress, complete with statements such as “children have the right to have a mum and a dad.” Then yes we would have seen something really disruptive . Of course, they would have forgotten the prizes and the applause of the mainstream, but they would have proved to be really out of the box. Instead it is always the same old story. Best wishes “, concludes Pillon. On Instagram, Damiano David’s lapidary reply in a post celebrating the triumph in Budapest: “You’re right Simo, next time complete and paPillon”.