Måneskin, the cover of Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black at Madison Square Garden. VIDEO

Måneskin, fresh from winning the Best Rock category at the MTV Video Music Awards, have conquered New York. Not only with the surprise concert organized in Times Squarebut also with lat the sold-out stage of RUSH! World Tour at Madison Square Garden, “the world’s most famous arena” which for frontman Damiano David “is one of the most important places where you can dream of performing”. During the show Måneskin went back to their roots with a cover of Back to Black Of Amy Winehouse played by guitarist Thomas Raggithe same piece that the group had played in Rooftop Sessions six years ago when participation in X Factor (GO TO THE SPECIAL), the release of the albums and worldwide success were still far away.


In the evening at Madison Square Garden Måneskin played great hitsincluding the new single Honey (Are You Coming?) And other coversthe most well-known Beggin’ And Humble Of Kendrick Lamar in electric version. Now the band will continue the world tour in the United States, South America, Japan, the United Kingdom, Europe and, for the first time, also in Australia.