Måneskin, the cover of Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish in the concert in Los Angeles. VIDEO

On the evening of October 10th, Måneskin filled yet another sold out concert the Kia Forum in Los Angeles in one of the stages of RUSH! World Tour. In the building that hosted famous musical groups, from the Rolling Stones to Queen, the Roman band amazed the public with a surprise performance. During the acoustic interlude the frontman Damiano David, accompanied by the guitarist Thomas Raggihas sung a cover of Happier Than Ever, the title track from Billie Eilish’s second album. As soon as they recognized the song, fans couldn’t hold back their enthusiasm and joined their idols in shouts of appreciation.


In recent weeks Måneskin, whose latest successes boast both victory in the Best Rock category at the MTV Video Music Awards both four nominations (resulting in an Italian record) at the MTV EMA, they had also conquered New York. Not only with the surprise concert organized in Times Square, but also with the sold out event at Madison Square Garden, where the band had enchanted the audience with a cover of Back to Black by Amy Winehouse played once again by guitarist Thomas Raggi. During the evening the group also played other big hits, including the new single Honey (Are You Coming?), and other covers, like the note Beggin’ And Humble by Kendrick Lamar in electric version. Looking forward to publishing on November 10th Honey (Are You Coming?)the re-release with five unreleased songs of the album released last January, Måneskin will continue the world tour in the United States, South America, Japan, the United Kingdom, Europe and, for the first time, also in Australia.