Maneuver, 18-year-old bonuses change and pension revaluation

The examination of the budget law continues, in a race against time to approve it by 31 December. Among the latest news, the one concerning the 500 euros for new adults: it will no longer be for everyone. The adjustment of pensions to the high cost of living changes again and there is discussion of refreshments for merchants for commissions on electronic payments

The 500-euro culture bonus for eighteen-year-olds will no longer be for everyone but only for those who do not exceed a certain family income (Isee up to 35 thousand euros) and for those who get the highest marks in their final exam. This is one of the latest news of the maneuver, which maintains the 35 billion plant, of which 21 to control the high bills.

Pos commissions, bank contribution?

Many measures are still dancing, such as the one on refreshments for merchants: banks could be asked for a contribution to reduce commissions on electronic payments, given that the penalties for those who refuse cards and ATMs even for a coffee remain. However, the scrapping of folders up to a thousand euros and a series of discounts on other tax debts have been confirmed.

The “save-football” is back

Meanwhile, the measure to allow sports clubs to spread the payment of taxes suspended due to the pandemic into 60 installments re-emerges: almost 900 million, of which more than half due from Serie A clubs.

Pensions, sacrifices for the highest allowances

On pensions, the last word is missing on the Women’s Option, which would become much more restricted, and the adjustment of checks to inflation changes: sacrifices for higher pensions increase, while the minimum ones will rise to 600 euros for the over 75s. leaving work there will be Quota 103, i.e. at least 41 years of contributions and 62 years of age.

Slightly richer paycheck

Slightly heavier payroll for employees with gross salaries of up to 25,000 euros a year, thanks to the 3 percent cut in the tax wedge (2 for those under 35,000). Citizenship income is further restricted: the subsidy for those who can work will arrive at the latest in July.

Superbonus 110%, last resort

The single allowance for large families rises and an extra month of leave arrives, paid at 80 per cent, for parents with children up to six years of age. Time until December 31st for condominiums to ask for the 110% Superbonus, provided it is decided by November 18th.