Maneuver 2023 and wedge cut, here’s how much more money in the paycheck

The CGIL X-rays the budget law: in paychecks from 7 to 13 euros more per month

The net benefit per month will amount to 41.74 euros, for 2023 alone, made possible by the 3% cut in the tax wedge for those annual gross incomes of 25,000 euros: 13.91 euros more than the 2% tax relief implemented by the Draghi Government. It is the CGIL that X-rays the 2023 maneuver of the Meloni government, confirming with numbers the criticisms aimed at a budget law that “does not represent an adequate response to the increase in inflation and the impoverishment of wages and incomes”.

And in proportion, it is no better for the lowest incomes: for a gross annual salary of 10 thousand euros, which corresponds to 796.23 euros net, the cut will have an effect of 23.08 euros net per month: just 7.6 euros more of the previous deduction. Instead, they will bring home 34.62 euros gross, i.e. 26.65 euros net per month, just 8.88 euros more than they already received, gross income of 15 thousand euros per year (1,153.85 euros gross per month) while the payroll will be increased by 46.15 euros gross per month (30.39 euros net) with an increase in the benefit on 2021 of just 10.16 euros per month, for those equal to 20 thousand euros gross per year. According to a study by the Corso Italia confederation, the changes to the wedge cut therefore remain “insufficient” for the CGIL, not only objectively but also with respect to what the union itself had proposed, which had instead called for a “structural” cut of at least 5% to be accompanied by a “structural indexing of deductions for employment and pensions”.