Maneuver 2023, automatic removal of fines under one thousand euros

Off the interest, but the decision on penalties and tax will be up to the local authorities

There will no longer be automatic deletion of the tax records of fines and taxes being collected from 2000 to 2015 for amounts of less than 1,000 euros. While interest will still be cancelled, the decision whether or not to withdraw the tax and the penalties will be up to the local authorities. This is what is foreseen in the draft of a government amendment to the manoeuvre, which is part of the package to be sent to the Budget Commission. The excerpt, also provides for the amendment, postponed by two months: according to the text contained in the draft, the deadline is no longer scheduled for January 31, but will pass to March 31, 2023.

TAX ON EXTRA PROFITS – The tax on extra profits, foresees the draft of an amendment, will only be applied only to companies whose 75% of revenues are generated by activities in the sectors of production and resale of energy, gas and petroleum products. “The contribution – explains the technical report of the article – is due if at least 75 percent of the revenues of the tax period prior to the one in progress on 1 January 2023 derives from the activities indicated”.

THE FIRST STAMPED PACKAGE – The first two texts stamped by the State General Accounting Office of the government’s amendments to the maneuver, which are part of the first package of two, were deposited in the Budget Committee in the Chamber. The arrival of the second package is instead scheduled for Sunday. Of the texts with stamps, the first to arrive was the one containing the measures relating to local authorities, around 9 pm. The other, which instead refers to the amendments on the taxman, arrived about 45 minutes later and upon its arrival, the session was suspended and a presidency office has been convened, during which the times for examining the measures will be established.

TIMES – The orientation of the majority on the process of the maneuver in the Budget Committee, according to what we learn, would be to give the rapporteur a mandate on Monday at midnight, a choice that would allow him to work on the text throughout the day on Tuesday and arrive in the classroom on Wednesday. Any postponement of the classroom must in any case be submitted to the meeting of the group leaders, scheduled for Monday at 13.00.