Maneuver 2023, Conte: “Confindustria agrees, lacks vision”

The leader of the M5S after the meeting with Bonomi: “A very fruitful meeting. There is agreement on the need for a social protection system”

After yesterday’s meeting with the secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini, today Giuseppe
Conte met the number one of Confindustria
, Carlo Bonomi, with whom there is “agreement on the lack of vision” of the Meloni budget law. But also an agreement on the “need to maintain a social protection system”: read ‘citizenship income’, the workhorse of the 5S-branded opposition. Summing up the M5S-Confindustria meeting, which this morning saw Giuseppe Conte and Carlo Bonomi engaged for about an hour and a half at the headquarters of the 5 Star Movement in via Campo Marzio, is the leader of the Movement.

“We had a broad discussion with President Bonomi on the current economic and social situation, the current picture and future prospects. Obviously, the subject of the meeting was also an exchange of assessments on the maneuver prepared by the government. Without wanting to force Confindustria’s assessments, it seems to me that we agree on the lack of vision in this maneuver“, says Conte. A maneuver in which “there is no prospect as regards investments and therefore a recessionary prospect of the country is accepted without any attempt to prepare measures in an anti-cyclical direction, that is to counter the recession that lies ahead. We are very disappointed.”

Sharing, Conte reports, also on the lack of investments in the south, considered serious. But most of all “there is a shared need for a social protection system – underlines the president of the 5S – in a moment like this it makes no sense, if you don’t even foresee any investment for the south where there is traditionally a lack of work, to dismantle the social protection system, a safety belt for people in difficulty. Obviously, the direction for us is to work on active policies instead and improve their system. From this point of view it was a very fruitful meeting“.

(by Stefania Marignetti)