Maneuver 2023, Conte: “We cannot allow a social massacre”

For the leader of the M5S “this government peddles cowardice as courage, it will find a wall”

“This government only wanted to flex its muscles against a small segment of the population: it sells cowardice for courage, it confuses prudence with sloth. It wants to take away from the country the only support that hasn’t sent millions of people into the streets in extreme difficulty and workers who pay the price of starvation wages that don’t even allow them to do the shopping. If they want to throw the last ones off the road, they will find a wall. We cannot allow a social massacre”. Thus, on Facebook, the leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte, commenting on the measures contained in the 2023 economic maneuver.

“They had told us – he claims – that they were ‘ready’, yet the budget law is confirmed as a truly miserable maneuver which, unable to respond to the country’s discomfort, opens a war on the least. In today’s press conference, President Meloni spoke of a courageous manoeuvre, in the sign of growth and social justice: impudent words that sound like a mockery of the Italians”.

The reality is that after the ‘Draghian prudence’ today we know ‘Melonian austerity'”, continues Conte, underlining that “according to the Government itself, 21 billion out of the 35 planned will only serve to cover the first few months of the price hike. No form of investment has been foreseen which explains a growth which in the most optimistic forecasts will not exceed +0.6% of GDP, according to the Government itself”.

“Families and businesses are still forced to tighten their belts. Boisterous announcements on reductions in hiring contributions already carried out by my governments, a cut in the tax wedge which in fact proves to be negligible and concerns only a small number of workers: a water pistol compared to the provisions of Count II which had brought over 100 euros in paychecks, in a period in which, moreover, there were no high prices and today’s very serious inflation. Indeed, this serious emergency is being answered by cutting aid against the high cost of petrol with consequent burdens for all families. On the other hand, they celebrate tax evaders and corrupt people”, attacks the former prime minister.