Maneuver 2023, Conte: “Your vision of work? Slavery 2.0”

“Citizen’s income dismantled to spread Serie A debts”

“In the maneuver dismantle the basic income which is a buffer against the desperation of many families” and whose “receptors for you are just numbers that have allowed you to recover 900 millionthe same figure you wished for spread the debts of Serie A football clubs who have polluted football with undue capital gains and speculation”. Thus the leader of the M5S, Giuseppe Conte, in his speech in the Chamber during the explanations of vote on trust in the Maneuver.

“With the latest attack launched on the concept of work fairness – continues Conte – you have shown that you do not understand that behind that concept there is the dignity of work” and “you are creating the premises for a serious social disaster and above all you are compromising the social cohesion which is the connective tissue of our community.The dismantling of the basic income combined with starvation paychecks and the liberalization of precarious work mean a distorted vision of the labor market that I can summarize in one concept: slavery 2.0“.

THE MANEUVER AND EUROPE – “Your slogan shouldn’t have been ‘we’re ready’, but we’re ready” attacks the leader of the M5S, Giuseppe Conte, in his speech in the Chamber during the explanations of vote on the confidence in the Maneuver, accusing the government of “going to the EU with its hat in hand”. “Embarrassing improvisation of this majority in a written maneuver several times for entire pieces, the result is a maneuver that is a jumbled and chaotic inventory of wrong measures, macroscopic errors, reversals made on the skin of families and companies in difficulty”.

DOUBLE TRACK JUSTICE – “Yours is a two-track justice design: the caressing one for the powerful and white collar workers, and the inflexible one for ordinary people”. “Nothing new: do-it-yourself tax authorities, tax amnesties, compliant measures for evaders, corruptors, speculators. We will supervise with the utmost firmness to prevent you from realizing this plan and we will nail you to the moral question, which is more topical than ever because the European institutions are bleeding. We must pursue justice and fairness, not baggies of cash for the privileged few. For all of this, I anticipate the vote against the M5S”.