Maneuver 2023, Crosetto: “Away with bureaucrats capable only of saying no”

Defense Minister: “Or Italy won’t start again”

“The first problem was the timing: Giorgetti had just three days to put the 2023 maneuver in place. The second is that of a ruling class in the ministries and in every sector of the bureaucratic machine that needs to be changed in depth. We cannot think of implementing new and different policies if you keep officials in key posts who have old mentalities or serve ideologies of which we represent the alternative. And then there is a parliamentary class problem: as happened in 2018 for the 5Stelle, a little inexperience paid for it”. This was stated in an interview with the ‘Messaggero’ by Defense Minister Guido Crosetto, replying to a question about the maneuver’s obstacle course, adding: “It is certainly not easy to replace existing bureaucracies. Because some people are of great value. And because the administrative machine must go on and you can’t stop immediately sending away officials you don’t trust or who have different ideas from yours”.

“It takes some time. But you need to have the courage to make these choices, while in some ministries there is a fear of making decisions that instead need to be taken to get the country back on track. Courage is needed – he continues – We need to cut with the machete some chains that block the development of Italy: now it takes 17 years to carry out a public work, they will have to become four or five at the most”.

Against whom does he want to use the machete? “Against those in public administrations who have stood out for their ability to say no and waste time – replies the minister – If we don’t send these people away, we are doing damage to the country. And we did not win the elections to damage Italy. In addition, unlike the others, we could change because we have not done anything to make someone blackmail us. We have never done business and we have not promised them anything. In short, we do not have a past that makes it difficult for us to intervene: those who want to save Italy from a deadly decline will have to be kept, for the others we need to have the courage to change. Period. I’m sure Giorgia Meloni thinks like me”.