Maneuver 2023, Crosetto: “Send out bureaucrats capable only of saying no”

“We need to cut some of the chains that block Italy’s development with a machete: now it takes 17 years to carry out a public work, they will have to become four or five at the most” said the defense minister in an interview with Il Messaggero

Harsh attack by Defense Minister Guido Crosetto on bureaucratic officials “who are blocking Italy’s development”. In an interview with Il Messaggero, the minister accuses: “One cannot think of implementing new and different policies, if in key posts you keep officials who have old mentalities or serve ideologies of which we represent the alternative”. “Certainly it is not easy to replace the existing bureaucracies – he continues – it takes courage, you have to cut with a machete some chains that block the development of Italy: now it takes 17 years to carry out a public work, they will have to become four or five at the most “. The machete must be used “against those who have distinguished themselves for their ability to say no and waste time. If we don’t send these people away, we are doing damage to the country”.

“We didn’t waste a single euro during the manoeuvre”

Furthermore, Minister Crosetto, speaking of the maneuver, underlined: “To those who argue that we have given tips and that wheelchairs have been invented, I reply that unlike them we have not wasted a single euro. We have worked for growth “.

“2% of GDP to Defense also for personnel and infrastructure”

With regard to defence, Crosetto states that the 2% of GDP target does not only concern “military investments, but expenditures which also include personnel, infrastructure and maintenance. We have realized that we may need to really defend ourselves. And ‘ it’s useless to buy an extra ship if you don’t have the sailors to put on it”. As for the air defenses requested by Zelensky from Italy, “we have not yet begun the construction of the sixth decree. If it is possible we will certainly help them to defend themselves”: the supply must be compatible, explains Crosetto, with the possibility of having these weapons and give them to Kiev in good working order. And “if we give air defense systems to Ukraine, we must take them from our stocks and we must do it without disposing of ourselves and with certainty of quality”.