Maneuver 2023, Di Battista: “Meloni is Draghi undercover”

“On Citizenship Income they violate the Charter to raise money and continue to send weapons to Ukraine”, says the former M5S deputy

A photomontage of Mario Draghi as Giorgia Meloni. To post it on Facebook, attacking the maneuver, the former M5S deputy Alessandro Di Battista, who points the finger at the Prime Minister speaking of “an undercover Draghi”. “After whole days of chatting about the phantom (and sold as if it were revolutionary) rule on the Pos, the government of the self-styled sovereigns backs down and cancels it. All in order not to displease the EU. In practice – attacks Di Battista – the minimum threshold of 60 euros for the Pos obligation no longer exists. Meloni has surrendered to Gentiloni, who already reading it like this is rather funny. The truth is that they wanted to distract us with various nonsense so as not to let us concentrate on the substance. fact that on the most important issues (war, sanctions, weapons, European rules) the centre-right government is identical to a normal Pd government or caretaker government (which is the same thing) and Meloni – which I have been supporting for months – she’s an undercover Draghi.”

However, there is one thing that appears profoundly ridiculous: the justifications. that Pnrr have endorsed. Wonders of political hypocrisy. In all this in the last few hours the government has decided to remove the basic income from the so-called employable people no longer in 8 months but in 7. This to raise 200 million euros, more or less what each package of weapons costs to Kiev that even the Meloni government (with the support of the PD) continues to send. Question to those who legitimately voted for Meloni. Was this what you expected?”.

Commenting to Adnkronos on the further ‘scissoring’ from 8 to 7 months of basic income, in 2023, for beneficiaries considered ’employable’, the former M5S deputy and historic face of the Movement states: “The Meloni government, instead to remove economic obstacles limiting the equality of citizens, adds a few every week. All this also to raise money and continue to send weapons to Ukraine. In one fell swoop, they violate Article 3 and Article 11 of the Constitution, and Meloni even swore by it…”.