Maneuver 2023, Freni: “On Pos do not confuse political direction and control prerogatives”

The undersecretary of the Northern League after the words of Bank of Italy: “Cash and digital are alternatives”

“There are legitimately heterogeneous sensitivities on the relationship between cash and electronic payments, e there is sometimes the risk of confusing political direction and control prerogatives“. Federico Freni, undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy, with AdnKronos comments on the words of Fabrizio Balassone, head of the economic structure service of the Department of Economics and Statistics of the Bank of Italy, in a hearing before the joint budget committees of the Chamber and the Senate on the budget law, on the hot topic of the limit on electronic payments, with the government engaged in a confrontation with the EU on the ceiling foreseen at 60 euros.

Digital payments and cash are not opposite but alternative tools – assures the Northern League deputy – . With the 2023 manoeuvre, the government, in compliance with the principles of the European Union, with which there is constant dialogue, wants to guarantee freedom of choice for consumers and promote competition between these alternatives”. For Freni “the diffusion of a modern conception of payments cannot go through the introduction of sanctions, but must be based on greater digital inclusion and on the development of greater awareness of the opportunities offered by technology, without constraints. In short, free cash in free pos”, concludes the undersecretary of the MEF.