Maneuver 2023, from meal vouchers to stop driving license fees: the news

There are 450 amendments reported but a further skimming is not excluded

The timing of the process of the 2023 maneuver in the Budget Committee of the Chamber is expected to be very tight. After yesterday’s last appointment, the day of deadline for the presentation of the amendments reported by the majority and the opposition, the works will continue on Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 with the leafing through of the file. Also on Wednesday there will be the majority meeting to proceed with the vote on the amendments presented by the commission. Between Thursday 15 and Friday 16 it will be the turn of the vote on the amendment proposals of the opposition, while on Saturday 17 there will be the majority meeting on the amendments. Penultimate step on Sunday 18, with the all-out vote on the amendment proposals, to then devote everything on Monday 19 to the preparation of the text which will then arrive in the Chamber of Deputies, as planned, on 20 December. There are 450 amendments reported to the maneuver but a further skimming is not excluded.

18 APP – “’18app’: in recent days there has been much controversy over the famous culture bonus for 18-year-olds: it is said that ‘we want to abolish it’, in reality we don’t want to do it. Minister Sangiuliano is working on a ‘culture charter ‘, but surely 18app is a measure that needs to be reviewed. First of all because these 500 euros upon turning 18 are recognized to everyone, regardless of income”, therefore “I think a limit should be introduced on the income of those who access this measure”, he said the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, in the now usual appointment on Facebook with ‘Giorgia’s notes’.

MEAL VOUCHERS – FdI proposes an increase from 8 to 10 euros of the tax exemption for electronic meal vouchers.

PUBLIC LAND – FdI also proposes to extend the extension of the occupation of public land for the catering sector from 31 December 2022 to 30 June 2023.

VAT AT 5% EVEN FOR HEAT PUMPS – Among the amendments of the Brothers of Italy the inclusion among the services subject to the 5% rate also of heat pumps for winter and/or summer air conditioning.

SCHOOLS – FdI is also asking, among other proposals to amend the manoeuvre, more funds for school construction.

WIDER SOCIAL BONUS – Fratelli d’Italia is also asking for the extension of the social bonus also in the form of credits for tenants in public housing.

EXPENSIVE-ENERGY – FdI’s proposals also include proposals for the operation of the gas market, a contribution to municipalities to build new gas storage facilities and discounts on diesel excise duties for bus rental companies.

BRAINS – Amendments are also arriving for the reopening of the bonus for the return of brains.

MINIMUM PENSIONS – Forza Italia asks in the amendments for a fund of 500 million euros starting from 2023 for the revision of the mechanism for indexing minimum pensions and measures to counter the negative effects of inflationary tensions.

YOUTH DECONTRIBUTIONS – From FI also the proposal for contribution exemption up to 8,000 euros in 2023 for new permanent hires and the transformation of fixed-term contracts of young people.

SUPERBONUS – Among the modification proposals of Forza Italia also the introduction of mechanisms to unlock the transfer of Superbonus tax credits.

CITIZENSHIP INCOME – An amendment on the study path of Rdc beneficiaries arrives from the League. In 2023, for beneficiaries of basic income between the ages of 18 and 29 who have not fulfilled the training obligation, the provision of the benefit is also conditional on the enrollment and attendance of a course of study aimed at fulfilling the right-duty to education and training until the achievement of compulsory education or, in any case, of a qualification lasting at least three years.

NO TAXES ON DRIVING LICENSES – Among the amendments of the League also the one that proposes the abolition from 1 January 2023 of the tax for obtaining driving licenses for vehicles in categories B and C1.

STOP TAXES FOR MARKETING CAMPAIGNS MIN. AGRICULTURE – The League is asking from 1 January 2023 to abolish the taxes on marketing campaigns, determined annually by the Ministry of Agricultural Policies and the stop to the tax for the collection of non-woody wild products.

STOP CADASTRAL TAXES ON RENTALS – The League also stopped registration, mortgage and cadastral taxes applied to rental contracts.

VIA SUBSTITUTE TFR TFR – The substitute tax on the revaluation of severance indemnities has also been abolished, on the basis of an amendment by the League.

MAREBONUS AND FERROBONUS – The League is asking for an additional 25 million euros for the year 2023 for the marebonus and the ferrobonus.

MINIMUM WAGE TAXATION – The request for 2023, 2024 and 2025 for a substitute tax on the minimum wage and regional and municipal surcharges of 10% within the limit of a total amount of 3,000 euros comes from the 5 Star Movement.

SPENDING REVIEW OR REVISION OF DEDUCTIONS – M5S also requests by 31 December 2024 a rationalization of public spending equal to 6,000 million euros for each of the years starting from 2025 to be compensated in the event of missed cuts with equivalent interventions on current concessions and deductions , without prejudice to the necessary protection of the weakest taxpayers, the family and health.

HEALTHCARE FUNDS – The Democratic Party is asking for new funds for the national health service.

STOP TIP TAX – The Democratic Party also proposes the abolition of the tax on tips.

STRENGTHENING THE SINGLE ALLOWANCE – The Democratic Party is also asking for the strengthening of the single allowance for families.

NEGATIVE TAX FOR DRC BENEFICIARIES – Italia Viva proposes the introduction of a negative tax for hired holders of basic income on an experimental basis for the years 2023 and 2024 such as to determine an increase equal to 50 per cent of net labor income up to upon reaching the Rdc threshold.

RETURN TO THE ORDINARY TAX REGIME – Iv proposes for taxpayers who apply the flat-rate regime with revenues not exceeding 85,000 euros the application for the transition to the ordinary regime of an optional and substitute tax for two years that gradually accompanies the return to the ordinary regime .