Maneuver 2023 in Parliament, Meloni convenes unions

The President of the Republic Mattarella signed and authorized the presentation. The Pos threshold remains at 60 euros

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has summoned the leaders of CGIL, CISL and UIL, Landini, Sbarra and Bombardieri for 7 December. At the center of the discussion, according to what we learn, which will be held at 12.30 in Palazzo Chigi, the 2023 maneuver. The economic ministers and the Ugl will also participate in the meeting.

Meanwhile, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella has signed and authorized the presentation in Parliament of the budget bill which also received the green light from the State Accounting Office. The articles of the provision rise to 174 compared to the 156 of the draft, dated November 27th. The obligation to accept digital payments by card and debit card, without incurring penalties, remains set at 60 euros. This is what results from the new draft. Furthermore, the raising of the ceiling for the use of cash to 5 thousand euros has been confirmed.

Yesterday Meloni, who does not want to waste time for the approval of the budget law, dictated the times during the afternoon meeting at Palazzo Chigi with the group leaders of the majority political forces. The Prime Minister is asking the parties that support his executive to close ranks: the primary objective is to avert the provisional exercise and guarantee a calm and smooth path for the manoeuvre.

“Today’s meeting (yesterday, ed.) was a very technical, methodical meeting: we must avoid that the incoming decrees slow down the progress of the budget law”, majority sources told Adnkronos at the end of the meeting. For this reason, the same sources underline, it was decided to limit the amendments reported, which will be around 400, and to establish coordination of the majority group leaders: in fact, a new majority meeting with Meloni is expected next week. Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti should be heard shortly in the Budget Commission.

All participants in the meeting gave a sense of urgency. “There is full cohesion of the majority and convergence on the issues, the provisional exercise would be a disaster and we do not want to run this risk, as the timescale is very short”, said Tommaso Foti, group leader of Fdi in the Chamber, as he left Palazzo Chigi. “The times are what they are – he explained – and we all agree on a desirable self-limitation” of the amendments. “We will bring improvements to the budget law, but nothing radical, because the text already responds to our requests”, said the president of the Northern League deputies, Riccardo Molinari.

The blue group leader in Montecitorio Alessandro Cattaneo spoke of a “constructive atmosphere” and to those who asked him about a possible limitation of the amendments to be presented to the maneuver, he replied: “The amendments cannot be counted but weighed”. The words of fellow senator Licia Ronzulli are of the same tenor, who however denies that a request has come from the prime minister to reduce the number of amendments and announces that Forza Italia’s modification proposals will focus “on the de-contribution of the hiring of young people and on pensions” . “It was a fruitful job that once again demonstrates the unity of the majority. With the prime minister and the economy minister, we identified the calendar for the budget law to be approved by 31 December”, explained the political leader of Noi Moderati, Maurizio Lupi.

Before the majority summit, it was the meeting with the Third Pole delegation, led by Carlo Calenda, that marked Meloni’s day. The leader of Action – who was received at Palazzo Chigi for about an hour and a half – left the Prime Minister’s office satisfied, after having illustrated his party’s proposals on the manoeuvre. And he spent sweet words for the premier: “It was a very positive meeting, on the merits. We found a very prepared counterpart, Meloni very prepared. We found many openings, to be explored”.