Maneuver 2023, Letta: “And only one dl for the next 3 months”

“Nothing to do with a budget law worthy of the name”

“This, which would be the first maneuver of the legislature, has nothing of a budget law worthy of the name”. The judgment of Enrico Letta, secretary of the Democratic Party, on the 2023 maneuver of the Meloni government on the first day of the path ‘Towards the budget maneuver, organized by the Democratic Party to confront trade associations and social partners on the eve of the debate in Parliament on the law.

The dem secretary criticizes “the bleak short-term horizon” of the maneuver which is more a “decree to get through the next three months” than a budget law that provides for “annual planning”. And on the merits, Letta reiterates that the intention of the Meloni government is to “make money for the poor” by cutting back on “services and health care” by increasing “iniquity and social justice”.

And then the expensive bills. Letta asks: “Where is the decoupling promised to lower bills? And what will happen after April? We want to send a strong message on the subject of energy: if the separation between the cost of energy produced from gas and the one produced from renewables, money continues to be given to energy speculators, making the most fragile pay the bill”.

“Our judgment on the budget law is negative, not because we are biased or because we are in the opposition. It is negative – argues Letta – because this, which would be the first maneuver of the legislature, has nothing of a budget law worthy of the name “.

“It is only a decree that serves to pass the next three months. There is no dimension of annual planning. This short-term horizon is bleak, all the more so in view of the impact of a potential recession that Italy has to face, with effects on inequalities, widespread difficulties and the difficulty of parts of the country to move forward. The right, which cuts back on services and health care, still and always cashes in on the poor. It’s called iniquity and social injustice”.