Maneuver 2023, Lotito: “No gift to football”

Forza Italia senator and Lazio president: “All clubs pay their due”

“I hear many shouting at the scandal, but it is not a rule that ‘gives away’, everyone pays what they have to pay”. Thus the senator of Forza Italia, Claudio Lotito, president of Lazio. The number 1 of the club expresses himself on the inclusion in the 2023 maneuver of the “regulation which by many is improperly called ‘soccer-saving’. In fact, as some opposition leaders instrumentally say, it does not concern only Serie A football, but all professional and amateur sports clubs of any sporting discipline (such as basketball, swimming, volleyball, etc.): the measure is effectively extended until 29 December 2022, which allows all companies in the sports sector that from the first from January to 22 October 2022, taxes were suspended, payments of personal income tax withholdings including municipal and regional surtaxes and VAT were deferred”.

“All sports clubs will be able to access the installment plan by paying 3 advance installments of the total 60, with a 3% upfront increase on the total amount of the entire installment amount. I hear many shouting at the scandal, but it is not a rule that ‘gives ‘, everyone pays what they have to pay as Prime Minister Meloni said and indeed, the whole sports world is supported, which due to Covid first and expensive energy now, is making an enormous effort to keep the facilities open “, he concludes the blue.