Maneuver 2023, measures for mothers: from the Women’s Option to the leave

From pensions to parental leave, here’s what changes

Within the budget package, which has yet to be approved in Parliament, there are a whole series of measures aimed at supporting the figure of mothers. In this video we try to summarize them starting from pensions with the so-called Women’s Option, which will be postponed by a year only under certain conditions, i.e. if you look after parents or husbands with disabilities, if you have a civil disability greater than or equal to 74% or if you work in a company that has opened a crisis table.

The other cases

For all other women, you retire at the age of 60 except if you have at least two children – there will be a two-year discount and you can go to 58 – or have only one child (in the latter case, the discount is less and you can go at 59). On this last part of the measure – that is to discriminate between mothers and non-mothers – there has been controversy and there are those who believe that this decision could also be unconstitutional.

Also new is the single universal allowance with a 50% increase for the first child up to the age of one and the same amount for families from the third child up to 3 years of age.

On the parental leave front, the novelty provides that for one month it will be possible to enjoy a salary of 80% and no more than 30%.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the VAT cut on numerous products that mothers need: from diapers to bottles, to some products for feeding babies and children, to sanitary pads for women. For some of these products, VAT drops a lot, even going from 22% to 5%.

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