Maneuver 2023, Meloni: “Clear indication of the priority of our action”

Premier reiterates the issues of the budget law that arrived in Parliament, listing the salient points

“We had to define the financial maneuver in a very short time and nevertheless we have not given up on outlining – through the first measures – a clear trajectory and choices that give a clear indication of what the priorities of our action will be”. Giorgia Meloniin a post on his social channels reiterates the themes of the maneuver, recalling “economic growth – certainly starting from the safety of the productive fabric, in particular with reference to the main of the emergencies we are facing, namely the expensive energy -, attention to those who produce and the strengthening of the middle class, but also support for the weakest social groups, the family, the defense of the purchasing power of citizens and the lowest incomes”.

Many measures put in place confirm the commitments we had undertaken“, writes Meloni, listing the salient points of the budget law that arrived in Parliament. “30 billion, released with the update note to the economic and financial document, went entirely on expensive bills to support families and businesses. 50% increase in the single allowance for children in the first year of the child’s life and in the first three years for families with 3 or more children. 5% VAT reduction for baby products. 500 million to fight the expensive trolley for weaker families. Structural measures to support people with disabilities. Indexation of pensions in aid of lower amounts, starting with a 120% revaluation to minimum pensions. Cut the tax wedge by 2% for income up to $35,000, adding an additional 1% cut for income up to $20,000. Raising of the flat tax for VAT numbers with turnover up to 85,000. First step of ‘The more you hire, the less you pay’. Detaxation of productivity bonuses for employees”.

Underlines these are “interventions that embody a social vision, with great attention to the economic fabric of the nation. Many measures and resources have been dedicated precisely to productive realities, to reaffirm a principle too often questioned in the past and on which instead this The government has very clear ideas: there is no welfare and there is no welfare state if there is no one who generates wealth upstream”.