Maneuver 2023, Meloni-majority summit: it will be 30 billion

Discussion in view of the Council of Ministers on Monday. Measures on family, folders, energy. Stop VAT on bread and milk, 5% on baby products and feminine hygiene products

A 30-32 billion maneuver. Discussion at Palazzo Chigi between the government and the majority on the 2023 maneuver, expected in the Council of Ministers on Monday afternoon. The group leaders of Fdi, Lega, Forza Italia and Noi Moderati participated in the summit chaired by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Also present at the meeting were the Deputy Prime Ministers Matteo Salvini and Antonio Tajani and the Minister of the Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti. After the green light from the CDM, the bill will be examined by the Budget Committee of the Chamber and then landed in the Chamber around 20 December. A formal passage in the Senate would then follow for the definitive green light close to Christmas.

MEASURES – Higher family allowance, tax truce with an eye on capital abroad, measures against high energy prices but only for three months: some of the issues on the table. Under discussion, Adnkronos learns, even theabolition of VAT on bread and milk, an operation worth almost half a billion euros, but “a first sign” for the country. And 5% VAT on baby products and feminine hygiene products. The issue of the tax shield would not have been addressedand for capital returning from abroad.

The the government is then oriented towards a tightening on basic income, with the possibility of repealing the income, in six months, to people deemed ’employable’. It must be ascertained that the recipients of the citizenship income live in Italy, would have been the reasoning of the Prime Minister. While Forza Italia would have forcefully asked for the total tax relief for new hires under 34 for 2-3 years. Example: the employer pays 1,000 euros, the young person takes 1,000 euros, the rest is paid by the state.

Among the new measures that could find space in the provision, the hypothesis of a strengthening of thefamily allowance and its indexation with inflation starting in January. News coming probably also in the package of fiscal peace, with disclosure on the capital held in the vaults of foreign banks and a tax shield for those who self-report. The whole without penal amnesties However. The hypothesis of an incremental flat tax for employees remains outside the package, in favor of an intervention to make the rates on production bonuses more advantageous. Extension confirmed flat tax 15% for self-employed persons and VAT numbers with revenues of up to 85 thousand euros. On the front mini-foldersthe aim is to eliminate those up to a thousand euros for the years up to 2015 and penalties reduced to 5% and halved payment for folders between one thousand and 5 thousand euros.

The increase to 5 thousand euros of the amount would also be included in the manoeuvre cash ceiling, removed from the Dl Aiuti Quater not having an urgency profile. In the tax package there is also a measure for the taxpayer brought to his knees by the Covid crisis and beyond: the government is in fact thinking of a payment in installments of the taxes declared but not paid for the last three years. In the manoeuvre, the cut of 2 points of the tax wedge introduced by the Draghi government, it is unlikely that the cut will be further raised as promised in the electoral campaign, but everything is possible until the CDM arrives. The gross amount of the maneuver remains around 30-32 billion, of which 21 billion will go to finance the measures against the dear-energy until the end of March.

There will also be an increase in the tax credit with an increase in the rate on extra profits, as regards energy; extension of Ape sociale and women’s option, quota 103 (62-41), on the subject of pensions.